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Is having clear skin a goal of yours?

A little history about me....

Growing up in the 70's we used Noxema, Sea breeze, & Clearasil when we broke out. I noticed my first Pimple shining out like the North Star on the tip of my nose when I was 10 years old. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to a dermatologist or Esthetician due to it being considered a luxury. I started to work at an early age and realized skincare was essential in helping build self confidence. I'd save up most of my money purchasing makeup to cover my blemishes as that's all I knew how to do. I landed my first "skincare" job at Liberty House Ala Moana at the Shiseido Cosmetics counter at the age of 19, although I loved playing with all of the makeup and learning about skincare it still did not help my acne condition. Years later at the age of 30 I became an esthetician, only then did I find my passion and was able to improve my complexion. Who would have known how rewarding it would be to share the gift of touch and and be able to contribute in helping others improve their skin at the same time! I opened "Suzy's Skincare" in 2002, and built many lasting relationships.. I call them "great friends" and my gratitude cannot be measured. In the meantime, Ive worked at Aulani for 10 years as an Esthetican-Trainer, Lead Esthetican at Dada Salon & Spa, and currently self-employment @ Desembre Hawaii (distributor of skincare from South Korea).

My dream was to open a day spa in my hometown of Mililani and give back to the community where I grew up and love.


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